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The World is a Book

The question I get over and over is why I like to travel. Something of a multi-answer to that question.

The love of travel begins when my dad would load us all in a car and we would head out for parts unknown west of Wisconsin. Usually to the coast and California where we thought we went to heaven. And on the way we would stop at every spot in the road where the largest corn cob could be seen, a motel with a 3-story cowboy on a horse, an historical marker for some battle fought there, well you know the rest of this story.

So, entering manhood and turning 16 I got my first car, a 1961 Ford Falcon, 3 on the column and took off like a bandit. Drove up and California visiting every site of significance I could find. Windows down, radio turned all the way up and loving life. In those days KGO played rock and roll and Wolfman Jack (the real one) could be heard at night on our tiny transistor radios.

Later I entered the military where I traveled a lot. 143 counties and saw many things. 21 years of spanning the globe.

I have always said and believe, that traveling is the best of educations.

Now, 30 years into my company, I travel almost weekly and love it every time. So, this is where the next answer to the traveling question comes from. Each week I visit an account and it like a family reunion. I see people I love, and it is so much fun to see these “family members” again and again. They are fun, crazy, and wonderful people. Each stop is a reunion. Some of the most remarkable are Steve Del Masso, Bob Wright, Bob Giragosian, Jeanne Frierson, Patrick DeYoung, Gary Brown, Jose Alvarado, Francisco Ochoa, and so many others I feel guilty not mentioning them all here. Believe it or not, over the years I have accumulated more than 10,000 friends – I quit counting years ago.

The third part to this question comes from my dad. When he said, “When you work for someone, really work for them!” Think about that. I love to work, and it comes from my parents. Mom and Dad loved work and impressed it on my brothers and me. I love to help people and working makes me feel like I have a purpose, helping people. I always try to give them more than they expect.

I love to travel.

So how’s that for an multi-answer?


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