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I just read the best fast food chain list for 2022 and I don’t know who put it together but I disagree! McDonalds is not #1, nor is Starbucks. And who picked Domino’s Pizza as #4? Since the first of the year McDonalds has consistently gotten my order wrong. Once I got a quarter pounder that was a quarter pound short of meat. Had the drink, fries and bun with condiments, but no meat. This was a real surprise 5 miles down the freeway with no possibility of returning to the store. Never enough napkins, cold fries and for every unit, I mean every unit, the ice cream machine is not working. Every unit mind you.


Starbucks is out because they are a coffee shop and won’t provide salt because it's, “…not good for you.” Domino’s Pizza is never any good. Yuck! Frozen pizza is far superior.

Subway is at the top of the list but where is Firehouse Subs? Firehouse sandwiches are top drawer. Taco Bell, yuck again – If I was Hispanic, I would riot in the streets. Pink mystery meat and small portions to boot. Been to a Taco Johns, or a Del Taco? Now there is some good eating. Real big, tasty tacos. Real meat.

I could go on and on, but it's obvious that the author has NEVER been through a drive through. Let’s look at some of my favorites:

Coming in at #1 is White Castle. Great burgers. Filet Mignon is used for the burger.

Coming in at #2 is Burger King. The Whopper, chicken sandwich and the #1 Croissant for breakfast. There is real eating.

Coming in at #3 is the Waffle House. Got to love it hands down. The pancakes and grits. That is real America.

Coming in at #4 is my California favorite, In-N-Out Burger. Words can’t describe the mouth-watering burger or real honest fries. My tongue beats me to the takeout window every time.

Coming in at #5 is Wendy’s. Yaa hoo! The #1 is awesome. A square meal.

Coming in at #6 is Culvers, actually, they sit alongside #1 or #2. Great food. Good ice cream.

Coming in at #7 is Chick-Fil-A. One meal only, the wrap.

Coming in at #8 is Panda Express. Good food. Adds to the waistline instantaneously.

Coming in at #9 is Firehouse Subs. Outstanding fresh sandwiches.

And #10 is El Pollo Loco! Chicken at is best.

Total losers: KFC, Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr., Jimmy John’s and leading the losers, Chipotle. And those has-beens mentioned above.

So, these are my all-time picks. After many years at the Dashboard Diner, I can say that all of the above are mouthwatering, have hot fries, and many napkins in the bag. As an added treat, these 10 often leave a fry or two at the bottom of the bag for a little surprise snack late at night. The fries are still good to eat when found on the car floor or between the seats the next day or two. BTW, who eats at Cracker Barrel? You need a walker or wheelchair just to get in. The food sucks. But what do I know?

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