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Indoor Vertical Farming: Growing Up Beyond Belief

Perhaps some of you missed the turtle that just inched by? These last few days I have been at the Indoor Ag Conference in Orlando. Great conference!

The turtle is the Indoor Vertical Farming Community that is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the produce community. They are strong, aggressive and their intent is to own the produce industry. And they will do it.

Indoor growing can do so much more than traditional farming. There are no environmental events to ruin your year, there is no pestilence, there are no water issues and certainly no contamination issues. Without pesticides are they organic? Big discussion in the industry with how to categorize those who do not need an organic certification to prove they are organic, or truly natural.

These people are good. Technology is on their side. Quality is definitely on their side and with a 20 day shelf life as they claim, the market could be theirs in a few number of years.

Vertical Indoor Farming Ceres Certifications
Newark, New Jersey-based AeroFarms

My prediction is they will be in the markets, fast food concepts and large food service operations within no time. And by the way, guess who I saw there, Tom Stenzel from United. Someone is paying attention.

Watch out produce industry - these guys are good.

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