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How We Stay Great

Updated: May 29, 2022

Some of you believe I am the top of the food chain. I’m not. I am the bottom layer. CCI is run just like a Japanese or military organization. The employee or foot soldier is at the top. Our foot soldier is the auditor in the field. Our organization chart is purposely upside-down.

It’s true, orders and instruction come from the top but the top is on the bottom. The idea is I support Kari, and the staff and in turn we all support the auditor in the field. The Japanese worker is king in an organization and our auditor is king in ours. The military does everything for the soldier. All of our orders and instruction are directed with the care of the auditor in mind.

Those of us with very little real staff experience have trouble with this concept unless they have been a foot soldier – our foot soldier is the auditor. In the military everything done at all levels supporting the foot soldier in mind. When the foot soldier goes to war everything is thought-out for them from A-to-Z way in advance. All planning, scheduling, coordination and supporting resources and cast. He or she shows up at the war locked and loaded and confident the commanders and staff have his “6”. Or, “back” or “There for him.” This is how first responders, firepersons and police operate. All of these groups are rock solid and phenomenally successful because of this concept.

We must take this same approach to our auditors. All documents are vetted and complete. Their schedule is thought through as if the staff officer is to walk it themselves. All paperwork is coordinated and exactly right, and sent way in advance. The auditor has been briefed and anything not thought of by the auditor, is already in place by the staff.

And while the battle is raging on, the staff and commander are in-touch to ensure the soldier or auditor gets what they need when they need it.

This is how the auditor rolls. This is how we roll. Thanks for those who accept my approach to leadership.

This is how we stay great.


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