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“To whom much is given, much is expected.” We have been given skills and abilities to be used not only for our own well-being but also for others. Often, I wonder and become unnerved by the gifts given to me by my God – they are virtually everything in my life, good and bad, including myself those things of sound mind (many would differ with that statement), good body and health, and spirit. Other gifts include my children first, tremendous parents and brothers, great life experiences and most of all awesome friends. (I consider my employees more friends than employees.) And so I believe I owe these gifts good stewardship. Taking care of those things granted me by the one most powerful.

One person exemplifies this stewardship. While Mike McClelland (a friend from the roller rink) has his head buried in his car much of the time but his entire persona is about helping others. Ask Mike to do anything and he is there with a smile and immediately giving of his skills and abilities. He always gives more than expected – I admire Mike so very much for this gift, it’s the giving of himself to anyone in need. Mike is not the exception. Every one of my friends are this way. Each will give more that what is asked of them and that fact alone makes me so proud to call them friends. I would list them all here but there isn’t the bandwidth on this site.

Catherine Doherty wrote about stewardship as the “nitty-gritty everydayness” of her life and about the currency (gift) of stewardship: love, understanding and unselfishness. I often tell people I love them. I do this because I can see their heart and know they have these gifts and give them without hesitation or benefit to themselves.

As all those in my life, I give because I want to desperately help those who are in need of something and get involved if permitted to do so. This way I commit myself in a deeper, spiritual and meaningful way. Regardless of our money-making talents, in the end, true stewardship comes down to how well we use our abilities to those in our community and circle of friends.

When we get to the pearly gates, and we all will, Saint Peter is not looking at you for having been the last great Mother Teresa, Bono, President Zelensky but more like the little girl in the lemonade stand donating her proceeds to the humane society, all day in the hot sun at a little table with handwritten crayon signs.

Its about what have you been able to do with the simple gifts given to you.

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