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From the President

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

The idea for CCI came from a desire to do food safety and manufacturing certifications properly. After years of experiencing audits from the client side of the table I felt there was a better way to conduct the certification experience. From previous business

experience I hope to do the following:

1) Develop a sincere and professional relationship with the client to foster integrity, trust and an understanding of the clients business needs. (The client needs are understood and as is CCI.)

2) To foster integrity, trust and understanding with the client so to develop a candid and transparent environment which true understanding of each others responsibilities could be communicated. (Neither the client nor CCI are not always right.)

3) To develop a unique and special cadre of clients where food safety is a sustainable culture and not a once-a-year event in time. (Win-Win)

4) An environment where "Freedom-to-Fail" is alright. (Zero Defects doesn't work)

5) A culture built on solid Christian values. (And those of other fundamental religions.)

Call me at anytime to discuss your concerns: 702.523.2068


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