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Electric Car Dilema

Follow up on electric cars.

I am happy to report that the most recent articles in Motor Trend magazine are refreshingly straight up about the future of electricity. Instead of gushing over the shinny bling of electricity, they took a sober view of the entire market and concluded, it’s a 50 percent electric and a 50 percent gas projection through a number of decades.

Very good news on the horizon. Mustang is good for gas for at least another 5 years, GM is poring billions into gas, however, the Camaro is dead (again), and a new Buick gasser muscle car is about ready to launch. Chrysler or known, as Stellantis North America, officially FCA US is not done with gas and has a new gas engine called the Hurricane. My fav, the HEMI is alive and well in the larger pickups. Ford has split operations so that both gas and electric can survive on their own. Europe and Japan are in a frenzy to figure out the chaos.

And anafternote, there will be no electric motorcycles.

Good news on all fronts. Ladies and Gentlemen, “Start your engines!”

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