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Ceres Adopts a Highway

CCI has taken up many charitable endeavors this year, including sponsoring a "Tiny House" in a great community for folks in need of shelter so they can get back on their feet, sponsoring a struggling bowling team, providing local charities and families with Christmas donations and now taking care of part of cleaning up a local highway. We love doing such things in our community as a way to give back whenever we can. CCI actively raises money along with other neighborhood businesses for many events, so that our community is as safe and sound as it can be.

We simply like to think that we take the values we practice at the office and bring them out into the community so that we can make a difference whenever we can. Having given clients all over the globe the opportunity to help their businesses thrive, it sure is nice to concentrate on the surrounding area that we call home during our free time. Give it a try, service to your community rewards all involved.

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