Certificate Management 

CCI Certificate Management Programs put the human interaction back into the process of collecting Food Safety and other certification documents.  No more out-dated certificates, no more calling and calling to get a suppliers certificate, no more wondering if you received all the certificates or even the right ones.  We do it all for you at an extremely low cost. 

Premium Services

As an additional service should the client desire we will ensure:

  • That all suppliers of raw materials, including packaging, effectively manage risks to raw material quality and safety and are operating effective traceability processes.

  • The site has an up-to-date list or database of approved suppliers. The list or relevant components shall be readily available to relevant staff.

  • Where raw materials (excluding packaging) are purchased from companies that are not the manufacturer, packer or consolidator (eg purchased from an agent,s or broker or wholesalers), CM will assist with finding the identity of the last manufacturer or packer, or for bulk commodity products the consolidation place of the raw material.

  • CM will assist with the development of documented procedures for the acceptance of raw materials and packaging on receipt based upon the risk assessment. Raw material (including packaging) acceptance and its release for use shall be based on one or a combination of: • product sampling and testing • visual inspection on receipt • certificates of analysis – specific to the consignment • certificates of conformance. A list of raw materials (including packaging) and the requirements to be met for acceptance shall be available. The parameters for acceptance and frequency of testing shall be clearly defined, implemented and reviewed.

  • CM will ensure a documented procedure for the approval and monitoring of suppliers of services and all related contracts and certifications. Such services shall include, as appropriate: • pest control • laundry services • contracted cleaning • contracted servicing and maintenance of equipment • transport and distribution • off-site storage of ingredients, packaging or products • off-site packing of products • laboratory testing • catering services • waste management, food safety consultants.

  • CM will assist with contracts or formal agreements that exist with the suppliers of services that clearly define service expectations and ensure potential food safety risks associated with the service have been addressed.


  • Low startup fee

  • Low hourly rate

  • Your own drop box to access your certifications at any time

  • Filing to larger web sites if required,

  • No contract

  • Scheduling audits and inspections of suppliers

For more information, please call:

Jim Houghtaling - 800.921.1196 

Carrie Schick -  800.507.0311

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