We offer the following audits and inspections:

PrimusGFS (PGFS)

  • Farm Audits

  • Indoor Agriculture Audits

  • Harvest Crew Audits

  • Facility (GMP)

    • Processing Audits

    • Packinghouse Audits

    • Cooler/Cold Storage Audits

    • Storage & Distribution Audits

      • HACCP Audit (required with a Facility audit)

      • Preventive Controls Audit (optional with a Facility audit)

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GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) - Individual or Producer Groups:

  • IFA v5.4.1 Fruit and Vegetables (FV)  -GFSI benchmarked certification. 

  • IFA v5.3 Hops (HO)

  • IFA v5.2 Combinable Crops (CC) Grains, pulses and seeds

  • IFA v6 Smart - Crops

IFA Add-on/Overlay Certification & Assessment Options:

  • GRASP: Risk Assessment on Social Practices

  • FSMA-PSR: US Food Safety Modernization Act -Produce Safety Rule

  • GG-FSA: GLOBALG.A.P. SAI Platform Farm Sustainability Assessment

  • SalmonSafe

  • IFA Labor Contractor Assessment 


GLOBALG.A.P. Harmonized Produce Safety Standard (HPSS) - Individual or Producer Groups:

  • HPSS 1.2 - FV, HO and CC - GFSI benchmarked certification

GLOBALG.A.P. Produce Handling Assurance (PHA): 

  • PHA 1.2 - FV, HO and CC - GFSI benchmarked certification for packing and storage operations


Localg.a.p. - Fruit and Vegetables - Individual or Producer Groups:

  • localg.a.p. Entry level

  • localg.a.p. Foundation Level

  • localg.a.p Intermediate Level


Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Edition 9

Primus Audit Standard (PAS)

  • GAP – Farm, Harvest Crew & Indoor Agriculture

  • GMP (without HACCP) – Packinghouse, Storage & Distribution, Cooling & Cold Storage

  • GMP (with HACCP) – Packinghouse, Cooling & Cold Storage, Processing

  • Preventive Controls – voluntary addendum following FSMA's PC for Human Food Rule


Intl. Fresh Produce Assoc. (IFPA) Harmonized

  • Field Operations and Harvesting Harmonized Standard V.2.0

  • Post-Harvest Operations Harmonized Standard V.2.0

  • Combined Harmonized Standard V.2.0




  •   Pre (GAP)

  •   Post (GMP)